5 Can Car Office fridge food heater

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5 Can Car Office fridge food heater - G.I.R.L. Gadgetland International Resources Limited, RC1281615. Presents you the 5 CAN FOOTBALL SHAPED CAR FRIDGE, which upon the flick of a switch at its rear, doubles as a FOOD HEATER. Its operational 24hours non stop, and even when the current is off, it keeps food drinks at a preserved temperature this due in no small part to its insulation functions.
It comes with two cables, one for connection into the car cigarette lighter/charger jack, the other for use in the home.
There is a mad rush for this product several reasons amongst which are its non-branded nature that makes it the most suited for personal gifts, party gift items(birthdays, weddings, funerals etc), as company promotional items .....the list is endless.
so what are you waiting for call NOW!!! we are waiting to COURIER your desired stock right to your doorstep. This particular product comes un-branded so you can easily print whatever you fancyn on them. be it your party logo's or a recipients name
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